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Monday, January 19th, 2009

The tarot reveals imagery and indicates the way that life could travel. It can show a set of choices but we do have free will to determine or change the outcome. The word Tarot comes from a latin word TA RO meaning a wheel. The cards symbolise the circle of life from birth to death.


Tarot packs consist of 78 cards:

22 Major Arcana

56 Minor arcana of which there are 4 different suits.


The Orginal Ryder Waite Deck

The Universal Ryder waite ( I find it a lovely deck)

The Hanson Roberts Tarot ( Fairy tale imagery)

The Cosmic Tarot Deck ( Beautiful illistrations)

The Connolly Tarot Deck

The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

The Alistair Crowley Tarot Deck


I would reccommend starting with a Rider Waite deck as most modern decks are also based on it and have similar imagary. I started with this pack and then was able to work with many other packs without any problems at all. Lots of New age shops will have a selection of opened packs for you to look at or have a folder of sample cards that you can look through. You can then look for the cards that you are personnally drawn to with imagary which inspires you. Once you have chosen your cards I would reccommend wrapping them in silk or putting them in some kind of wooden box.

I find that there is alot of conflicting advice on shuffling, cuttling and handling. I believe that there is not really any right or wrong procedure. I would say just develop your own way or follow the guide in the handbook supplied with the tarot deck that you choose. However, I do think that it is important to follow the same procedure every time.

You may then like to go on a course which can teach you the tarot, and allow you the chance to practice your skills with others of like mind. Some people also like to practice with family members , friends or relatives as well. I found that the more readings that I did the better I got at it.


If you decide to extend your tarot reading to the public after you have done a course and your tutor has certified that you are ready , the main motive in my view should be the desire to be of serive to humanity and mankind. I feel that it is also very important that you must work in a completely confidential and proffessional way. People may come to you for a reading because they are needing assistance or they are looking for future direction or guidance.

Overall destiny can be difficult to forecast as we all have free will. I don’t believe that there is really a master plan. You may see new opportunities ahead for your client but it will be up to them if they wish to take them or not. When I do tarot readings I do my best to help the client evaluate their own life so that they can realise their best potential. I would also reccommend that you would keep a list of helpline numbers to hand as well, incase a client needs specialist qualified advice in a field that you are not trained for.


I would say that it is best to work from a room in a new age shop or an alternative health centre. The reading room should be quiet, clean and comfortable so that your client can relax.

I always ask if they have had a reading before and explain how i work and what I do. I like to tell the client not not to tell me anything initially so I can give an unbiased assessement in the reading. After the initial reading , i then may ask the client which areas that they would like me to take a closer look at and if they have any specific questions. I feel that it is the Tarot readers responsibility to give a positive, non judgemental and constructive reading as the reader is responsible for what they say. If for example, the client asks: ” What does the tarot indicate about me joining this tennis club” , if it was a negative card and the reader did not have good feelings about this particular club for the client, then there must be an alternative opportunity of say a different club that they could join instead that may be better for them.


I don’t think it is a good idea to encourage anyone to get dependant on a reader. However, I would say, that time for another reading may be when there is a diffferent set of circummstances and different decisons need to be made.

Paul Mj Perris

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Lines Open 10am - 10pm £29.95 for 20 minutes.

Under UK law, readings are regarded as for entertainment purposes only

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