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The Things that can prevent communication from Spirit

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

When you are worried, fearful or stressed out, it can be more difficult for your guides and helpers in the spirit world to communicate to you. It can be like a fog that blocks the clairvoyance, or at the very least could distort the messages.

A dictionary definition of worry is ” To be troublesome to, to disturb the peace of mind of, To give way to anxiety. Mental uneasiness” To be Anxious is a “Troubled and uneasy state of mind”

In my research in the past, I discovered that the word worry is derived from a German word ” Worgon” meaning to choke. The word worry then developed to mean mental strangulation. I believe that worry has very little positive effects and can strangle the life out of you.

Fear is described in the dictionary as ” an unpleasant emotion caused by nearness of danger or expectation of pain. I once heard a really good acronym for fear:





Often, what we fear and worry about rarely happens!

Here are a few useful quotations that I really like:

” There is nothing to fear except fear itself” Winston Chuchill

“There is nothing good or bad about a situation except the thinking that makes it so” William shakespeare, King Lear.

” A person can make a hell out of a heaven or a heaven out of a hell.” It is all dependant on the state of thinking. Milton, Paradise lost.

By clearing your mind with regular meditation or any other relaxation techniques that may work for you, more peace of mind can be achieved and your connection with spirit can be improved. It is also very important to ask for protection as well , to keep away any un wanted influences. This can apply both to :

a) only wanting spirit communication from a higher authority, to those who want to spread knowledge of the light

b) Often sensitives can be also very sensitive to the energy of others around them, and can be like a sponge sucking up negative energy. Say for example , if a person was in a depressed mood, the Medium could also pick that up from the aura too and may feel depressed without realising it.  Visualising a cloak of protection around you, keeping the aura strengthened, and sending negativity towards the light are all methods that can control this.

Laziness, apathy and passivity can also hinder growth. When I teach in development circles I always say to my students ” Have a go at giving a message and you are half way there”. Quite often, Spirit communication may be a little abstract as they are using telepathy to communicate, so by speaking about what you are feeling or sensing, it will help you improve the delivery of your messages. For example, once I was giving a reading and I saw Tommy Cooper flash through my mind. This could have been interpreted in so many ways, but I just intuitively listened to what my mind was telling me.

I said , I feel that I need to say the name “Tommy ” to you. The lady that I was then giving a reading to burst in to tears of happiness, and said that Tommy was her husband , that passed away last year.

I would say, from my own experience that sending out Loving thoughts before I do a reading is a very powerful way of attracting the spirit world in. By dropping the Ego , the ” Look how Brilliant I am approach”, and having humility works best. I always say that we can not heal a fly or give out any clairvoyant or mediumistic information in our own might. We are just channels for higher authorities.

Paul MJ Perris


Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I often get asked how does mediumship actually work. Mediumship can only work with a person who is a medium, who acts as a bridge between our earthly world and the spirit world. The medium is the link for those in the spirit world to make contact with those on the earth. The medium will therefore be able to prove , by giving evidence that the human personality survives physical death. The medium is then the gateway for someone on the earth to also communicate with someone in spirit.

However, it is my belief that we all have latent mediumistic talents and everyone can communicate with someone in spirit , even if they are not very advanced. The first way, in my view is through prayer and the second is when we are in our sleep state. When we sleep we can enter into communication with our loved ones in spirit and they can speak to us as well.

Claircentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance are all under the same umbrella as mediumship. The fully developed medium will be using all these faculites when in communication with the spirit world. Clair is a french word meaning clear, so therefore:

Clairscentience = Clear sensing

Clairaudience = Clear hearing

Clairvoyance = Clear seeing

None of these senses work from our physical body but from our etheric counter part or spirit body where the chakras are. The solar plexus chakra ( sensing) , the throat chakra ( hearing) , and the brow chakra (seeing). When you open the door to all these centres then your guide can feed you mental picures, images, knowledge and information.

The spirit world exists on a mental vibration so communication can only occur telepathically. The medium does not hear an external voice with their ears but an inner voice in their mind. Occaisionally it may sound like an outer voice but it is only infact an inner one. Thoughts are conveyed by their spirt guide to the brow chakra and brain waves then convert them into speech.

In my oppinion, it is not possible for a medium to get a direct link with someone elses loved one in spirit. The medium has to go through their guide because the spirit communicator is likely to be untrained as to how to use a medium. Say , for example, John in the spirit world wishes to speak to his wife on the earthly world. A chain is formed:


” Tidy up the house, it looks a mess”




” Tell Johns wife that she needs to tidy up the house, it looks a mess”






” I am being told that John in the world of spirit says that you should tidy up the house , it is looking messy”





It is important that the medium delivers exactly what they get because often so much distortion can happen in the chain because the medium may over analyse the message. The experienced medium needs to blend their own vibration with the energy of the client and also the vibration of their guide to facilitate a successful message. All the mediums at mystical mediums are trained to do this.

PAUL MJ PERRIS 1/11/2008

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