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Archive for November, 2008

How to develop your own psychic skills

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Writing about how to develop your psychic skills could not be a more difficult subject to write about. If I was to write about guides or auras, I would find that easier as it is factual. I am writing about something that has to be experienced to know it. All I can share with you is some techniques but you have to do the rest.

If I was to write about what love is that would equally be as difficult because I don’t feel that anyone has really been truly able to define love , no poet, no playwright, no songwriter. Although they have all had very good attempts. The bible says that love is the fruit of the spirit which combines joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness, goodness,faith, meekness and temperance. It is everything! There are also so many different levels of love. The love that you have for your son or daughter can feel so different from the love that you have for your parents or your partner. It is almost impossible to describe. It comes from within and you just have to know it.

The first thing that I need to mention when developing your psychic skills is that you need to look at your motive. The question that you need to ask yourself is : ” Why do I want to develop my psychic skills?”

Silver Birch who was the North American Indian guide of Maurice Barbenel said through him in trance that if you want to develop your psychic/ mediumship ability you must have plenty of patience and be prepared for constant sittings before the power of spirit can express itself. He said that you must look for your own motive. If the motive is to be of service then you can continue. If it is the desire to play with toys , then it is not enough. He said that it is not to please the sensation seeker who desires a new thrill but the aim is to uplift mankind and help them along their earthly pathway.

Therefore, you must firstly have the desire to be of service and then make everything that you do with your development come from your heart. Every day, I say to myself that ” I do what I love and I love what I do”. If I am in a situation where I don’t love what I am doing , I either stop doing it or change my attitude towards what I am doing and start loving it.

One activity that I really enjoy doing is cooking. I love turning a few vegetables and a piece of meat into something that looks amazing. When I get asked how on earth did you make that with just say a few vegetables, a lump of cheese, some tomatoes and a few potatoes I reply:

” I dont know, I was just inspired and I dont know if I will be ever able to do that again”

When you are feeling inspired you have somehow moved past the physical plane and something else is working within us. I once listened to a seminar which stated that when we are inspired we are literally in spirit. I also learned from this seminar that when you are feeling inspired that you feel enthusiastic. ( A word which comes from the Greek word enthios, which means the God within.) When you feel enthusiastic, everything in your life is working.

Mediumship just means midway between extremes and a medium or clairvoyant just channels information. I believe that the more love that you are giving out, the easier it is for the information you recieve from spirit to flow through you. Negativity of any kind , in my view prevents development and blocks the flow of spirit communication. You need to align yourself with the higher power or the God within so that your mind, body and spirit are all going in the same direction. My psychic ability is life to me, and when I feel that I am in total harmony with myself and who I am , i give out the best clairvoyant messages.

Out of these two scenarios, who do you think would have the better chance of developing their clairvoyance ?:


Works hard in a full time job, Meat eater, Enjoys the occasisional pint down the pub, drinks tea and coffee and meditates everyday. Goes down the gym.


Does some part time work, vegetarian , refuses to drink alcohol, drinks only herbal tea, regularly watches television.

  In my view, and my view only, I would say that Jack had the better chance of  developing Clairvoyance because he puts effort in to mediating every day and seems relaxed within himself and  a commited person. I do however believe that if he also adopted some of Freds habits as well ( like being a vegetarian for example), he could be an even better clairvoyant as he would be raising his vibration further. Even if they were both as equally gifted, I would say that Jacks ability would be sharper as he is practicing meditation every day. Just like playing a sport, practice makes perfect. In short, the main quality required for development, in my view, is the meditation rather than say only drinking herbal tea and no meditation.

Hadyn Clarke who is a friend of mine and a very gifted psychic artist developed with Gordon Higginson. He told me that Gordon had told him that to be a good medium he had to:

” Meditate for an hour a day for a week, have a week off and then meditate for another hour per day for a week and so on”

Haydn told me that for the first 2 days he meditated for an hour per day and by the third day he forgot. He then realised Gordon’s point. It was dedication! The hour was not entirely neccassary, but it was the dedication towards committing to the development, which was important.

The process of meditating really is a simple one. I like to sit back in my arm chair , close my eyes, put some relaxing music on and let my mind drift. There are many schools of thought on opening up and shutting down the chakras ect. Although it is effective, I dont feel for the beginner, it needs to be that complicated. Focussing your mind on something is helpful and say taking 10 deep breaths, breathing in and out slowly. A simple breathing exercise will assist in clearing your mind or any stressful thoughts or worry. The aim is to try and think of nothing as by having a clear mind, clear seeing can begin. I like to visualise a rose bud unfolding in my minds eye, and see what mental pictures or imagery will come into my minds eye. You may find yourself in a beautiful garden ect. When you have finished, just close the rose bud back up again in your minds eye to close down again.

I do the rose bud meditation before I do every reading, and I find it very helpful. I ask my guide questions and I get symbolical answers back.

For example if I was reading for a client and they asked the question. ” Will my boyfriend call me ”

I could be shown in my minds eye a happy feeling of a church bell ringing, A Bottle of bells whisky, a school bell or even say a gold ring.

The answer therefore, I would interpret to mean. He will give you a bell, or he will ring you”

Once you get the hang of meditating, I would say it would be useful to join a developing circle with an experienced medium, who can guide your development. If you can find out where your nearest Spiritualist Church is, they will most likely have a development group or know of where the nearest one is to you.

As you feel more confident with the messages that you are getting, you will want to have a go and give out the information that you are getting. The next step is to have a go and then you are half way there to building your confidence in delivering a message. A developing circle, in my view, is the ideal platform to not only meet like minded people but an ideal way to safely perfect your development.

Good Luck! I hope that you found this article helpful. I would welcome any comments, or views on how you are developing your psychic skills.

Paul MJ Perris

E mail readings

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

We are now offering a new service of E mail readings. 

E mail readings cost £29.95 per reply. If you are interested in having an e-mail reading. Please go to the contacts link on the site and select the E mail readings in the drop down menu.

If you could then write me a short e mail with your question, and also include your telephone number so I can phone you to collect payment. You will then have an E mail reply within 48 hours. Your e mail address will not be shared with anyone else and this is a private and confidential service.

Paul MJ Perris

Meditation for the day

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

If you are having a challenging day or feeling a bit low in energy , i would reccommend this very simple meditation:

Imagine in your minds eye a rose bud unfolding. Then Imagine that you are breathing in one colour starting at the base chakra colour, with deep breaths and breathing it out again. As you are breathing it out imagine that the colour is expanding into the room. It is a really good way of stregnthening the auric field. Then move on the the next chakra colour, breathing it in and out and expanding it into the room and so on. I have listed the chakra colours below for your information. When you have gone through all the colours and are ready to close down, imagine the opened rose closing back into a bud again.

CHAKRA                 COLOUR           FUNCTION

BASE                             Red/ brown           Grounding

SACRAL                        Orange                  Links etheric body to physical body

SOLAR PLEXUS            Yellow                     Clairscentience

HEART                          Green                    Emotions

THROAT                            Blue                     Clairaudience

THIRD EYE                      Indigo                   Clairvoyance

CROWN                           Purple                   Links cosmic energies

I would be interested to know if anyone tries this meditation and it helps them.

Paul MJ Perris

The Aura

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

When I am teaching psychic development, I have to explain to my students the function of the Aura. From what I have learned over the years, we all have a physical body and an etheric duplicate or a sprit body. My Spirit Guide, who often communicates through me in trance ,has previously said to one of my developing circles that:

When we die that we simply shed the physical body and the etheric body carries on living in the spirit world.

All matter has vibration and when we meditate and clear out our minds of our earthly concerns , we can raise our vibration to a finer less dense vibration. We will then be able to see the spirit world and auric energies in our minds eye.

Surrounding the etheric duplicate is the energy field known as , the aura. It may firstly be seen as a gentle haze of light and as you advance you should be able to see bright colours and denser colours. From my experience, all these colours have meanings as to the persons physical, mental or emotional well being. I teach my students to look at the intensity of the colour that they may be observing. For example, my guide says that the colour yellow reflects someones mental well being. Therefore, a bright yellow in the aura could mean that someone is mentally healthy and happy, where as an insipid pale yellow could mean someone who is worrying or suffering with anxiety. I also find that it is also possible to clairsentiently pick up feelings from the aura. For example , I could feel that someone is depressed and may want to change their job. However, I do not believe that you can tell from an auric reading that they would find a new job. I feel that it is only the spirit world that can see a bit further ahead than what we can and they would more likely to be able to see the probability of a new job appearing for that person. I feel it is very important to establish a spirit link before delivering any clairvoyant message.


This is only a guideline. I feel it is more important to follow your own insticts. If you feel that a colour means something else, then go with that instead. I would welcome any comments of what different colours may mean to you.

BLUE: Wisdom and clarity. The emotions. Healing and mediumship.

GREEN: Growth , creativity, regeneration, fertility, stability and security. If say, more an insipid green , it could mean deceit or envy

WHITE: Purification , virginity

RED : Love, ambition, determination and physical mediumship. Or it could mean stress.

ORANGE : Convalescence and recovery from illness. Energy, vitality and life force.

PURPLE : Clairvoyance, spiritual journeys, leadership and owning the power of oneself.

BROWN : Earth, grounding or illness and depression

BLACK : Suicidal, illness, negative thoughts, need to let go.

GREY : Balance ( integration of black and white)

YELLOW : Study, happiness, joy or contentment. Mental worry, anguish or fear.


PAUL PERRIS 2/11/2008


Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I often get asked how does mediumship actually work. Mediumship can only work with a person who is a medium, who acts as a bridge between our earthly world and the spirit world. The medium is the link for those in the spirit world to make contact with those on the earth. The medium will therefore be able to prove , by giving evidence that the human personality survives physical death. The medium is then the gateway for someone on the earth to also communicate with someone in spirit.

However, it is my belief that we all have latent mediumistic talents and everyone can communicate with someone in spirit , even if they are not very advanced. The first way, in my view is through prayer and the second is when we are in our sleep state. When we sleep we can enter into communication with our loved ones in spirit and they can speak to us as well.

Claircentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance are all under the same umbrella as mediumship. The fully developed medium will be using all these faculites when in communication with the spirit world. Clair is a french word meaning clear, so therefore:

Clairscentience = Clear sensing

Clairaudience = Clear hearing

Clairvoyance = Clear seeing

None of these senses work from our physical body but from our etheric counter part or spirit body where the chakras are. The solar plexus chakra ( sensing) , the throat chakra ( hearing) , and the brow chakra (seeing). When you open the door to all these centres then your guide can feed you mental picures, images, knowledge and information.

The spirit world exists on a mental vibration so communication can only occur telepathically. The medium does not hear an external voice with their ears but an inner voice in their mind. Occaisionally it may sound like an outer voice but it is only infact an inner one. Thoughts are conveyed by their spirt guide to the brow chakra and brain waves then convert them into speech.

In my oppinion, it is not possible for a medium to get a direct link with someone elses loved one in spirit. The medium has to go through their guide because the spirit communicator is likely to be untrained as to how to use a medium. Say , for example, John in the spirit world wishes to speak to his wife on the earthly world. A chain is formed:


” Tidy up the house, it looks a mess”




” Tell Johns wife that she needs to tidy up the house, it looks a mess”






” I am being told that John in the world of spirit says that you should tidy up the house , it is looking messy”





It is important that the medium delivers exactly what they get because often so much distortion can happen in the chain because the medium may over analyse the message. The experienced medium needs to blend their own vibration with the energy of the client and also the vibration of their guide to facilitate a successful message. All the mediums at mystical mediums are trained to do this.

PAUL MJ PERRIS 1/11/2008

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